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To win in the current market, you have to develop a strategic marketing perspective, to promote overall marketing. Based on both international and domestic market, on the horizontal strategy, strengthen the market strategy, product supply, logistics, marketing, terminal end cohesion, build efficient one-stop three-dimensional network, optimize the marketing system of each link, on the longitudinal strategy, strengthen marketing and adjustment of the disposition of each subsystem, product, price, channel, promotion on the concrete implementation strategy innovation, make the market highly competitive marketing three-dimensional network system, in both international and domestic market development to priority.

Global Market

The model of Chinese enterprise globalization.

Jiangsu Pinsheng Pipe Co., Ltd. with advanced manufacturing technology and scale strength, global management team, the continuity of enterprise development strategy, the deep corporate culture, product of form a complete set of integration and innovation of management strategy, become a famous pipe brands at home and abroad. There are over thousands of engineering cases in the country, and the products have been exported to Russia, South Korea, Africa and other places, and become an industry benchmarking enterprise with domestic and international influence and respect.

Domestic market

A nationwide marketing network.

Today, our sales network has extended to many countries and regions in the world, more than in the domestic set up nearly thousands of napa stores: build up from production, sales, to install, after complete industrial chain pattern, the network has been all over the large and medium cities all over the country, and further to three, four market developed towns. We are producing more than 3 billion meters of pipelines, and more than 20 million households worldwide are using our products.

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Specialized operation

  Iimport advanced production equipment, informatization ERP management, the whole order process information control and so on mature systems, after years of cultivation and development ,we now has more than 30 technical elite, design and manufacture of product research and development team, sales outlets throughout the domestic large and medium-sized cities, we provide the best pipe products for thousands of Chinese families.

High-quality products

Pipe is not only the based materials used for water supply and drainage system, it ensure effective functioning of the system with health and safety at the same time, quiet and smooth drainage system, heating system of environmental and greener, to makesure that users will have a comfortable experience,and don't worry about leaks. Imported high quality raw materials, every products start with strict national standards design and production, safety, environmental, healthy, super pressure, Diligently manufacture and meet comprehensive user needs for every consumers, combined with our meticulous attitude of quality,health,security.

High-quality Services

In terms of product sales and service, we use the same "image, price and service" marketing mode, and establishes a perfect sales service network. We use VIP customer service mode to provide professional, one to one services; Set up a high-quality professional sales team, combining "Internet +" thinking with marketing, turn requirements into value products and services, and become the most growing brand of China's pipe industry.

Advantage protection

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